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Tutorial: Setting Appearances with *setapp

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:27 pm    Post subject: Tutorial: Setting Appearances with *setapp Reply with quote Awarded

I have documented the numbers for all eye, hair and skin colors.

Type *setapp for a list of the syntax including the order of appearance variables.

The pose number is what manipulates sprites. The horse poses are numbers 35-38 I believe, though it could be 34-37. Horse sprites look best when the skin color matches that of the horse, the character is female and their is no hair style; or in other words, bald heads of the same color as the horse hide best into the female horse sprite since heads cannot be removed, only bodies.

For all variables other than poses, stay within the numbers 0-15 as the number is only so many bits, it cannot hold values for high numbers. The rest are straight forward, however I have not documented the hairstyle variables. I figure you can just give them a new hairstyle along with their change in any other features and you can scroll through them until they like one. That's the only real work that needs to be done. They can always go to the New Character Screen and remember a certain number for hairstyle.

Hair (0-7 are regular and some are duplicates ie 11-13)
0 - white
1 - grey
2 - brown
3 - blonde
4 - light brown
5 - black
6 - red
7 - dirty blonde
8 - purple
9 - green
10 - aqua
11- brown
12 - black
13 - white
14 - dark blue
15 - dark green

eyes (0-5 are regular)
0 - blue
1 - green
2 - aqua
3 - brown
4 - black
5 - white
6 - purple
7 - emerald
(All numbers after this, 8-15, are all white)

skin(0-3 are regular, skin changes are EVENT REWARD ONLY)
0 - caucasian
1 - brown
2 - tan
3 - black
4 - white (actual white, not caucasian)
5 - grey
6 - brown
7 - gold
8 - wood
9 - jet black
10 - orange
11 - beige
12 - blue
13 - green
14 - aqua
15 - brown[/quote]

You are welcome to use these as event rewards, edit the post sprites for species options, change things about players as rewards, give players or admins anime-colored hair, etc.

Please note that anyone that turns their pose into a horse and then equips a horse deed at the same time will produce a sprite that could be interpreted as two horses having sexual intercourse as you appear as a horse mounting another horse. Sadly, the horse sprites are hard-coded and you cannot edit the poses.igcl to make more mounts. Note the existance of the armoured horse in the default bundle.

If beastiality is your thing, go ahead and experiment in Akarra. Razz
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