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Has anyone noticed?
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 11:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fledge wrote:
It's not simple censorship of ads we're talking about, it's about admins getting agitated and practically telling players to shutup the moment they say the phrase 'other server', usually without even specifying a server. The moment a player so much as compares one aspect of a server to that of another server, they get hassled even if they are criticizing the other server. I'm sure EX isn't the only server pissing players off with that kind of attitude, I've heard a lot of complaints from other people and I've shared a similar opinion.

yeh rules tends to piss someone off all the time.
gotta admit the world wuld be a wierd place without rules.

According to universal moral values, which invoke quite a few of generalizations, propriety is a moral value. You clearly don't possess any, but you use that to your advantage to socialize and jest.

aaaw did i hurt someone's fealings? Wink

Those that have a problem with it stay away from you and some even from EX.

yeh i herd there is no medication to cure the poison TbbW and also that it's airborn!!

I am not trying to enforce any opinions from those people, I was just using a lack of propriety as an example of why a big collaboration might be unsuccessful.

yeh it's allways that group of ppl that look on all the problems and not the solutions Razz

Some players prefer relaxed admins, some prefer strict. Some prefer those with nearly prude-like propriety, some prefer pornographic MORPGs.

cybersex morpg!! Very Happy

Some prefer a roleplaying environment while some prefer a gaming environment. Some prefer a hack'nslash style of gameplay while some prefer more challenging strategic styles, combined in Akarra's teamplay. The original Akarra lied somewhere in the middle of those spectrums, and I think that if a collaboration were to be successful it would also need to lie in the middle.

as we say here in sweden: "taste is like the ass crack, it's devided" Razz

It would have to me purged of self-righteous snobs like me and sickening perverts like yourself, TbbW -- or else people like us in the collaboration would have to learn to work together.

mmmmm pervert *drewl*

Even with a council, like you and many other people have suggested, I still don't think a collaborative team like Apocalypse wants could happen. Perhaps I'm just a tad cynical. Besides, if the source code is ever purchased by any group that doesn't leave it 'open source' most developers would try to rally under their banner and the collaboration would collapse.

1. it culd work tbh google: open source project
Or: cvs
2. never sead the actual source suld be released to all. just the bundle files with items and maps and other stimular stuff.
3. still need the center guy to basicly pussle it all together.

Also, if open sourced sharing of bundles and such were to happen I think we'd end up with patchwork servers made like quilts from everyone's contributions. Everyone makes a piece of the quilt and if the colors don't match the desired pattern, if the stitching isn't right or if the measurements aren't right; the quilt won't fit together!

yeh if one guy vote no and the rest vote yes then that one guy can go sit in a corner or buy a dictionary and look up the word democrasy Razz

In the end, the players would complain because not all the items had American English Spelling vs Non-American English Spelling(armor vs armour), why crafting recipe styles are not uniform, why certain skills are or aren't balanced to standard Akarra material, etcetera. In other words, there would be loads of complications that would be detrimental to gameplay in subtle ways that would all add up.

what came first the hen or the egg ?

I think it would be much easier to just find the devoted skilled developers that can make everything fit the same style, balancing, spelling, etcetera. Even if it involves more work from one single person, it involves less work in the end from all the organization involved in such a mesh of different peoples' work.

seems someone have been stuck in the map editor to much...
akarra is werry hard to balance. one skill can interupt the balance of a diffrent class or one item or simular.
so it's not just to make a spell that works in theory... u gotta go thru the other spells and try em out in diffrent felloships and also against diffrent monsters and fiddle back and forth.
Emperium Xenos Project.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 6:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I never said balancing was easy, and for your information I use other editors just as much as I use the map editor. But considering all you've seen from me is the crappy maps from AE and a few screenshots it was pretty safe to make that assumption.

And I was not trying to insult you in any way. I accept the fact that you're a completely different person with a completely different set of values.

What I meant with patchwork balancing is like... if you took Emperium Xenos's talents(Dodge, Fighting, etc) and put them with Akarrian Expansion's spells, you would have to tweak them so much that you might as well just make new skills. Since AE's spells are built for overpowered magic-users where the requirement pattern on proficiency gems is ignored at the third scroll and is meant to be balanced with fighters that are far faster at attacking and have more damaging attacks, putting it next to Emperium Xenos's passive skills that are far better tuned to the difficulty of the original Akarra would result in a conflict. You would have to change one of the two to match the other or bring the two into pace with each other. All that tweaking and testing would be inefficient when EX has spells(and active skills?) balanced to its talents and AE has talents balanced to its spells and active skills.

I think it would be better to just start from scratch with a uniform style and balance generated by the council like you said. Perhaps names and ideas could be taken from various bundles, but I think it would be too much messy work to combine previously made things. Basically, I think it would work better if you just took ideas instead of actual finished development from all the shards. But somethings would work fine, such as maps, quests and graphics.

Maps would be easy to blend together, especially if someone paid Khaile to edit a copy and paste command that works for multiple areas. For example, copying a 4x4 area dungeon from one mapper into the caves.sc2 of another mapper). Such an advanced copying function might save the time and effort of copying and pasting each individual area. Also, perhaps a copy function that copied the .dsc2 parts like spawns, area names and triggers so that they did not have to be recreated when maps were transfered into the main file. That's easier than just giving one sectormap and maybe a caves sector if they are lucky to each mapper in the collaboration, but it can't happen easily without a new copy command. Sad

And quests would probably be easy to blend together in an open source way, but it might deserve a bit of effort in making sure they are all at the same literacy level and all use appropriate items, location names, cash and progression points. But then again, most servers ignore quests and don't make anything up to standard with Old Akarra's or better. Most don't even take the time to implement Braiba's unreleased quests and NPCs with Querceta, Interficnia, Pyrum, Piacula, Tandrak and the Tome of Red Magic... though that might involves drawing a Rune of Light and a Squid... Very Happy Run, it's a Kraken! Ahhhh! *runs out of the Shallow Subterrane* And then Eckard can go after Tandrak, "Where's my money, b**ch?" *slap* Okay, perhaps Tandrak initiates the forgotten payment. And in the end, the players decide to feed Querceta to the Kraken to get her own bloody ink. Meanwhile, we can make a use for the Saw item with a quest to cut down the stupid Mystical Tree so that Wizards stop entangling low level players in the tomb!

And we all know graphics would be easy to blend together from all the shards, though with only nine additional spritesets you might get a bit of hassle about which of the spritesets from Kinten and Delaque. Some people even hate the new tileset and prefer the a1xmas one that had the old grass but wiht the mountain rock. Or you could just recompile a new tileset with the best of htem all. And then some people wouldn't want the REFMAP stuff SLJ and I are using in our maps or the even more numerous imported things that Aquarits is using, simply because they conflict with the original Akarra style. Graphics would just involve a bit of debate in the council. Razz
If you turn a blind eye to any side of a discussion, if you disallow what may be and what actually is the truth, then you've no credibility whatsoever. You end it by saying "I don't want to talk about it." Classic regression.
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